About Me

Gemma Brown

Personal Growth & Healthy Living Coach

Hey, I’m Gemma!

Boy mum, married to my bestie, homebody, nature lover & fluffy animal fan! I’m obsessed with personal growth, I’m ambitious & driven, while being stinkin stubborn about keeping life simple & enjoying the little stuff! Lover of exploring, nature & connecting with like minded people, I’m also a lover of spending time by myself, and love being cozy at home with PJ’s by the fire – what can I say, I LOVE my #cozyqueenmoments !

I am a huge believer of being thankful for what you have and where you are, while working fiercely for what you want, where you want to be & who you want to be!

I have come along way from the shy, somewhat negative women in my mid 20’s, who was struggling with a lack of self-belief and low self-esteem. I struggled to see myself being anything more than I currently. Thankfully I reached a point where I knew something HAD to change!

The years that followed, had me exploring my mindset, belief system & self talk. I delved into all aspects of self love & personal development, and it literally changed my world!

I am now a women in my mid 30’s who is growing in confidence every single day, believing in myself & deciding to go for it. Peeling back the layers & embracing ME for who I am & deciding to live life full out as the women I was made to be, is the scariest, most exciting & fulfilled I have ever felt.

The one thing that is even more fulfilling? Helping other women to live into their truest selves & work fiercely towards the life they desire to live & person they know they can be!

My dream is for you to see dreams & goals for your future self. To feel empowered & inspired to follow them & believe in yourself, FIERCLY, without doubt in your mind, that you have what it takes! Because babe, you DO!

Let’s do this!

– Gem

“I always looked forward to my weekly coaching sessions with Gemma!! Gemma is caring, energetic and motivating. She helped me realise what I’m passionate about and helped me find new direction in life. I highly recommend Gemma she is a wonderful life coach.” ❤ Neisha