Babe, you ARE Summer ready!

You ARE Summer ready! šŸŒž You deserve to enjoy Summer exactly as you are!

If you are seeing all the ‘get your body Summer ready’ posts all over social media, you are not alone!!

So often we are told what size & shape we should be, what shade of bronze we should be, how much & where our hair should be. It’s banana’s! And has really been drummed into society expectations over the years. I believe media & especially social media has really put the pressure on us even more to look a certain way & if we won’t we are ‘wrong’.

The good news is? I find more & more people pushing out of those expectations which I absolutely love. More people deciding to love themselves no matter what stage in their journey they are on. No matter what their personal choices, their natural bodies & their size & shape.

This is also so powerful because our children are watching! And wouldn’t it be wonderful if they watched all body shapes, sizes, shades of skin & beauty being celebrated?

Let me tell you this…

– You are worthy exactly as you are right now.

– Your body is Summer ready exactly as it is.

– Practice loving your body for what it is & what it can do (rather than what it is not & can not do!)

– YES you can be moving that body & nourishing it, to work towards a healthier you while LOVING what it is capable of right now! šŸ’™

You don’t have to change anything about your physical self to LOVE you.

INFACT the more you absolutely love yourself, the more you will be drawn to doing what your heart, mind, body & soul NEED šŸ™Œ

Go live that Summer FULL OUT, get those legs out, let your hair down, let your body dance & your soul sing & laugh šŸ’ƒ because you are SO BLOODY WORTH IT.

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