Creating our festive home this Christmas

Making your home feel festive is a lot of fun, but can be tricky sometimes to know where to start! Do we need expensive ornaments? Tacky streamers? Horrendous amounts of lights?

I say no! To create a cozy & festive atmosphere in your home doesn’t have to be costly OR complicated. Here’s a few super simple ideas we have done in our own home, we don’t go over the top at all & keep it simple, adding something a little extra each year to build over over time!

Advent Calendar

Advent calendars are such a cute & fun way to countdown to the big day. You can get a few different options from simple beautiful ones made from card, to the common chocolate, a wall hanging that you fill your own pockets OR you can even make your own!

We have opted for this sweet wall hanging advent calendar where I fill the pockets with treats for our boys – sometime I even pop a wee note in the pocket so they do a treasure hunt to find their treat!

Christmas Tree

Christmas tree oh Christmas treeee! I mean you have to have at least one tree right? I haven’t quite talked my husband Andrew into having more than one tree, but we do love to have one in our living room to enjoy!

Real tree or fake is a common question! And is totally personal preference. We chose to have a fake tree so we could have it up for longer & hopefully not effect our hay fever so much!

Some people are super precious on how their tree looks, but we try to keep ours nicely styled but with fun little ornaments for the kids. AND we let the kids help decorate it. I know a lot of people that don’t want their kids to help because it ends up looking a little funny, but we LOVE to have the kids involved as much as they want. Now our boys are 11 & 14 they don’t want to help quite so much already, so I am glad we just enjoyed those moments with them!

We mostly have red & gold on our green tree. If you are wanting to keep your tree a little bit uniform that is a great way to keep it from looking too much. Choose two colours & mostly stick with that, adding in a few others the kids have made at school etc.


I love to display our stocking throughout the month, they look so beautiful! However, we don’t have a fireplace as such, just a free standing fire, so that made it a little complicated to know where to put them!

The last couple of years I have hung them on this blank way in our lounge, we have never got around to putting up pictures or anything, so it actually works really well to fill the space PLUS it looks so lovely & Christmasy!

The night before Christmas we will of course take the stockings down & pop them under the tree for Santa to fill!


Last year we decided to put some lights up in our outdoor area & we loved them so much we actually kept them up all year! You can change them from warm white, warm white flashing & colorful lights flashing a LOT. Which means if you wanted to keep them up all year you can have classy outdoor lights, then Christmasy ones’s too!

Small ornament trees

Having some smaller ornaments & trees around the house can be a fun way of shifting the feel of your home to a more festive one. And you don’t need a lot of them!

Swapping candles for red ones, popping mini trees on your mantlepiece, having a stack of Christmas books are all fun ways to be able to add to your home this Christmas season.

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