5 Ways to Raise Your Energy!

1. Move your body, dance, exercise!

Moving your body is such an incredible way to raise your energy, whether that be dancing around with your kids, going out for a run or heading to the gym. This movement actually interrupts that stagnant energy in your body!

You will find the different ways of moving your body, actually makes you feel different. A slow calming walk will help clear your mind, a slow mindful dance will help you feel calm and relaxed. Where as, going out for a fast run or dancing like crazy around your house will make you feel excited, passionate & ready to GO!!! 

But one thing all movement has in common, it raises your energy frequency. Bringing you into the present moment & making you physically aware of your capabilities. It makes you aware of how your body moves and how it feels when it moves in that way! 

So moving your body is an incredibly powerful way to raise your energy and become in alignment with yourself & the universe.

2. Meditation

Meditation is the most beautiful way of bringing your energy vibe up and raising your frequency within the universe. Some people get overwhelmed at the idea of meditation but I want you to understand that it really is taking a chance to just be within yourself. 

Sitting still, eyes closed and breathing calmly. When we do this regularly we find it easier and easier to be able to calm our mind and think less thoughts.

When we have very busy minds and feel very scattered, it actually brings our energy down and into more of a negative space. So bringing our energy into a more positive energetic flowing space is so important to calm ourselves, centre ourselves and ground ourselves. 

Meditation does this perfectly. As I say meditation really is a practice, it takes time to learn &  improve. I ask you to challenge yourself to try it and for you to keep practicing it, just a few minutes a day. You can build on this overtime.

3. Laugh

Never underestimate the power of a fantastic laugh. It literally changes the way your body feels, the way your mind is thinking, the way you react to things happening around you and the way you perceive the world! 

If you have been laughing, whether it be with your friends, watching TV, or even doing a fake laughing session (that usually turned into real-time belly laughs!) trust me, you will notice a massive change in the way you feel. This not only changes your mood and how you feel and how you react to things around you, but it literally lifts your energy frequency so you are more aligned with the universe and everything flows much more smoothly around you and towards you. 

As I said, there are a few ways that you can bring more laughter into your life, you could watch something funny on TV, watch a funny podcast, spend time with a friend and laugh and laugh. You can even start fake laughing, you will feel so silly but trust me you’ll start laughing and laughing and your mood will be boosted, I remember doing this with my Mum when I was a little girl!

It is impossible to be laughing and happy and having an incredible mood lift and to feel negative and bitter and low at the exact same time. That’s not to pay you can’t be going through a painful or saddening time & not feel happiness!

What you are telling the universe by doing this exercise is that you want more joy in your life, that you love to laugh & you love to feel happy. The actions we do attract more experiences of the same to our life. So that is why I encourage you, if you don’t have many laughter experiences around you start fake laughing and the universe will send you more experiences of laughter and fun and positivity.

4. Music

Music does so much for our mood. It can make us feel ballsy, rough, adventurous and Bulletproof. It can make us feel like we can do anything, inspire us, motivate us & make us feel like a queen. OR it can calm us, make us feel restful, calm and sexy. 

The kind of music that we choose to listen to literally changes us into different moods and different energy States. This is so powerful for us to know, learn about and bring into our daily practices. 

What I love to do is to set up a few different Spotify playlists that have different types of music in them, so when I need to be in a particular energy state I listen to a certain type of music. For instance in the evening when I’m needing to calm down, clear my mind & be less excited, I choose to listen to my calm playlist. It gets me a little sleepier, a little slower & starts relaxing me getting me ready for bed. 

Where as when i’m ready to start doing coaching with someone I am listening to music that is going to rev me up, inspire me, bring me to my top energy because I want to project that into my coaching sessions. I find that is a fantastic way to get me going. 

You can imagine what kind of music a racecar driver might listen to before they do their race. They wouldn’t listen to calm relaxing music, they would listen to ballzy music to build their energy up ready to get going and give it their all. So music as a fantastic way to be able to control or help guide your energy frequency and your energy state where you would like it to be.

Also note, you can be calm, relaxed & your energy be at a high frequency & be aligned & flowing.  But your energy will feel different with different types of music.

5. Time to rest

I feel like this is something that we have been encouraged to do LESS & less of. In this day and age we put so much attention on our busyness and achievement and everything around us and I feel like there is such a pressure to always be DOING. 

In reality, we need to remember to fill ourselves up so that when we are actioning what we want in life we can give it our all. In actual fact, on the days when I make sure that I have enough rest, I’ve read, I’ve cleaned the spaces around me. I have slowed down and organised just a few things that I’m going to knock out and really achieve highly, I am SO much more productive, my energy is higher, my work is a higher standard and I feel fantastic at the end of the day!

Where as, the days where I don’t put any focus into looking after my own well-being, I have a huge to do list and I try and knock out everything that I can. In reality only managing half my list in the day & ending up feeling tired, unworthy,not good enough and gutted that I didn’t achieve everything that I “should have”, trying to figure out what I needed to do differently!

On those days what I needed to do differently was be intentional about looking after myself about my own self-care and rest. I swear none of us get enough sleep it’s Madness. And what happens when we haven’t had enough sleep? We start to make choices that aren’t aligned with what we want for our lives. Such as reaching for food that we perhaps don’t want to be eating a lot of because it’s easier, we don’t do things like looking after the spaces around us and asking ourselves how we’re feeling, and we tend to concentrate on all the things that we’ve got to achieve and that is stressing us out because we’re feeling tired and overwhelmed and we just need to get started. 

If you’re sounds familiar to you, start being super intentional about what you NEED to feel your best and put that into your days first. I’m not saying that you need to do that first thing in the morning because that’s not always possible for every one of us, it isn’t for myself. But if I know that I have set aside half an hour later on to read and I’m going to stop for lunch, hydrate myself and has some great food. Then I can knuckle down and get some work done knowing that I have that time and not feeling rushed and overwhelmed because I have set aside those spaces to look after myself during the day.

 I hope some of these helped you. It is so essential that we concentrate and intentionally look at how our energy is through our days and our lives. 

My energy is something that I learnt about probably only about 5 years ago and really it takes a lot of practice to be able to integrate into your days, but it is one of the most powerful tools that I have ever learnt. 

Powerful because I’ve grown to love myself more throughout these exercises, because I am paying attention to what I need as well as my children, husband, clients & everyone around me. In fact I am learning that if I concentrate on how I am feeling and look after myself, then I have SO so much to be able to overflow and share with everybody else around me. 

So I hope you find so much value in these short tips that I’ve given you. Please be intentional about self-care and making sure that you take time to rest and build up that energy, raise that frequency – because trust me, you will feel so much happiness & be living in alignment as the person that you want to be!

Thank you for reading! Let me know what you try in the comments!

Gem xo

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