15 Tips to Help You Become Unstuck.

Ok 15 tips to help you become unstuck! I feel like this is such a big topic, so often in my own life I have found myself stuck whether that be in business or in school or personal growth or relationships –  no matter what area of our life we can become stuck!

So I decided to put together 15 of my top tips to help you become unstuck. These are all fun things you can do to help you change your energy state and give you a bit of a reset when you are feeling stuck or having one of those lul days. So let’s get stuck into it!

1. New planner

There is nothing like using a new planner! I absolutely love any kind of stationary but a new planner would have to be top of my list. This allows you to get all of your ideas down into one spot, have a good brain dump & organise your mind on paper which clears your thoughts and gives you clarity moving forward.

You can get so many new planners out there, you can get a simple plain journal so that you can really clear your mind & do a mind dump. Or you can get a normal diary that has all of the days of the week, often it has areas where you can put your to-do list, has goal-setting, all sorts of different things to do in it. Have a search around and see what stands out to you!

2. New music

Music has an incredibly way of changing your mood and changing your energy state. There are so many different music genres out there & endless amounts of songs. They really do make a huge difference to the way we feel. I like to have a few different Spotify albums that are different moods that I need to be in. 

So if I need to calm myself down and just need to relax, I have an album on my Spotify that is exactly for that. Where as if i need to get excited get my energy state up and get ready to do some work or to do something hard, I put more energetic music on that is going to make me feel confident alive and energetic. 

So as you can imagine these these types of music are so different from one another so that’s why I like to have different albums for different energy states! I’m going to pop a couple of different album ideas down below and you can try making a few yourself on your Spotify! 

If you haven’t tried Spotify before you can actually set up a free subscription or you can choose the paid option if you do not want ads.

  • Calm
  • Crush it
  • Inspire me
  • Fire me up

3. New habits

New habits is such a huge topic that we cannot go into it all today, but if you’re feeling a little stuck there is bound to be a couple of habits that you no longer serving you well, habits that you maybe need to cut out or you need to replace.

A great exercise is to write a list of habits that are serving you well and a list of habits that are not serving you well and you could get really clear on what you might need to bring into your life this is a great way to start.

If you are wanting a WAY more in depth look at your habits sign up to our mailing list to receive your FREE habit overhaul workshop plus pdf’s, so you can work through it yourself.

Trust me, you won’t regret working on your habits!

4. Changing furniture around

I absolutely love this one and of course you don’t want to do this too often but I really do believe changing your furniture around in a room can give you such a good refreshing feel to the space. It also shuffles up the energy & gets everything moving, it allows you to clean underneath things and reshuffle things that have become cluttered or do not belong there.

It can really bring a lot of energy to the space and give you a new lease on life especially in a bedroom or a living area. This doesn’t have to be a huge ordeal it could be as much as just changing couches around, putting some new cushions on them, even switching them from a different room & just having a good tidy up. You’ll be surprised at how it changes your energy & gives you more clarity & focus.

5. Trying new hobbies

Trying something new is so much fun. We always encourage children to have hobbies don’t we, to get interested in sports or cultural activities. Quite often as we get older we often lose those new hobbies.

We forget to start learning new things as adults & often we forget to start new things that aren’t going to earn us money, that are simply to make us happy!

So trying something new or finding a new hobby is amazing to get yourself unstuck. This could be something that you’ve been wanting to try for a really long time or it could be something that you’ve been kind of unsure about. Something such as a boxing class your friend has been talking about going to, or perhaps it’s trying horse riding – you wanted to try it for years! Whatever it is it can be a really amazing way of actually finding out what you love & what you don’t like, which can be a really huge benefit moving forward.

6. New personal growth book

Personal growth books! Now, if you have followed me for a while you will know I am obviously so in love with personal growth and I can never go past a new personal growth book! I often find that these books come to me at a time where I need them. Sometimes I will start one and think, gosh this might be a good book but it’s not for me right now, so I give another one ago if that happens.

This doesn’t need to cost the Earth, I love the idea of sharing those personal growth books around or borrowing one from the library. You can also listen to audibles or podcast but I do have to admit I’m a little bit old-fashioned and love myself a good old paperback book.

A couple of authors I LOVE are Gabrielle Bernstein & Louise Hay.  I will do a separate blog post of my fav books to start your journey & tag it here when I do!

7. Journaling

I absolutely love journaling, I find it so important for myself now! 

This could be journaling for half an hour everyday religiously, or it could be having a good brain dump a couple of times a week, this really is up to you! I do think that if it starts to be a chore then it actually is going to defeat the purpose of journaling altogether. 

I feel so much calmer, more aware & so much more ready to make things happen after I have done Journalling. So I do try and do it every couple of days & make this a priority for me. Sometimes I sit down and I don’t feel like I have anything to write so I just write about the simple stuff, gratitude, what I’m going to do that day, what I would love to get done, something I’m excited about, and you will be surprised at how quickly things start flowing onto paper, it is amazing. 

Other times I sit down I am feeling overwhelmed. I am feeling done, like my mind is busy, I’m exhausted, all of those things! And that is when I realised that I probably should have journaled yesterday!

These are the kind of days that I choose to ask myself questions as a journal prompt. I actually have a whole blog post that is written about journaling prompts so Ill pop the link below for you, it’s a great place to start! 

8. Gratitude

Gratitude is an awesome place to start if you are feeling stuck or overwhelmed or even if you’re just having a great day, practice gratitude! I cannot stress this enough. 

Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start when you have not intentionally thought about what you’re grateful for.

I want you to realise is it is incredibly powerful to show your gratitude and to become aware of the tiny little moments you felt good & grateful for. Those moments that make you so happy that they really light your heart on fire, perhaps made you smile or you were receiving love. 

Or perhaps you just felt the the warm sun on your back while you had your cup of tea, or you loved having a laugh with your friend that day, or perhaps you are grateful for your clients coming to you. 

There are so many things that you can be grateful for it and it can be super super simple things. I understand it is so important to be grateful for the roof over your head, grateful for your job, your husband, your family and your car, absolutely! But can you see how it can be extremely powerful to be intentionally grateful for those tiny moments and tiny things in life.

That means that even on the hardest days we can choose to be grateful, choose to search for those tiny things to be grateful for & we are actually training our brains to search for the positivity around us!

Here is a blog post where I chat more about the power of gratitude!

9. Take a weekend away

Taking a night away is a such a good way to unstick yourself, such a good reset! A great chance to bring out the inner child, the explorer, the adventurer! I absolutely love taking a night away.

This can be done in so many ways, perhaps you and your husband or partner go away, you go away by yourself or with a group of friends, or perhaps you go away as a full family! It is just so beneficial to interrupt your normal routine and head away for a night. 

Now I completely understand this might not be an available option for you, but try even mixing up your routine somehow!

You could go somewhere different for lunch, perhaps you meet a different friend, walk a different way than usually, do something to interrupt that routine! Interrupting your routine breaks you out of that repetitive lifestyle that we quite often easily get into. There is nothing wrong with our usual routine, but if you’re feeling stuck you will want to break yourself out of that, figure out where you want to go & what you want to do and what isn’t fitting right at the moment!

So changing that routing whether it be a night away, walking a different way, mixes things up in your mind, changes the thought process and get things moving!

Hubby & I headed away earlier in the year for a weekend & check out the cutest place we stayed at!

10. Trying a different form of exercise

Exercise is such a tricky one for me, growing up I loved dancing & all the cultural things, I was not so much a sporty person! So becoming an adult it’s been an interesting journey to bring exercise into my life. I love to walk every day with my dog, I recently joined the gym with my husband, but I am still finding the different forms of exercise that I love. 

Choosing a different way to exercise can be an incredible way to boost this area of your life. Perhaps you tag along to that class with your friend,  you try a new workout program at your gym or give running a go! Whatever way it is, try something new, mix it up. 

What this does is it changes things up & shows you what you are capable of. It shows you can do things that you’re not comfortable with, so it is an incredible way to get yourself out of that stuck mode and get your energy moving. 

No matter what kind of exercise you do you want to make sure that it’s a bringing your energy up, that you feel happy & so proud of yourself afterwards! Basically you don’t want to carry on doing the kind of exercise that makes you feel crappy afterwards, you want to make sure it is boosting the energy and boosting those positive endorphins.

11. Decluttering

The dreaded clutter! We all have so much stuff now don’t we, some of us more than others and if you’re living with a whole lot of people like I am with my young family there is people’s stuff everywhere and none of us are very good at putting stuff away I’ll be honest!

But can you imagine just choosing one space to declutter. is a fantastic way to get yourself unstuck & to get things moving plus it feels empowering to feel in control of something. Tthis could be a closet you’ve been meaning to go through, it could be 1 drawer or it could be just to sort out the fridge and give it a good old clean. 

What may seem like such a small task for you to do but the truth is when we have lots of these little areas to declutter we feel overwhelmed! When we have clutter hidden away in draws or closet or even right in front of us, we feel it, we know it’s there & it is I can wait on our shoulders. It actually is muddling our mind and it can stop us from being able to think clearly. 

So decluttering is so so important to be able to unstick yourself. So even if you choose one small space to declutter each week make it a goal for yourself to get control of those small areas in your home or even your office – you will thank yourself for it!

12. Smaller goals & just pick one!

Creating goals can be so exciting and inspiring, but it can be equally overwhelming. 

I am a huge dreamer & goal setter, but I totally understand that I can feel overwhelming especially when you able to dream as big as I am! Those dreams and goals can seem so far away and so hard for you to get to, truth is that the person that brings those big goals into fruition is going to be a very different ‘you’! You’re gonna grow so much between now and then, that is why it is so hard for you to see and imagine it coming into fruition. 

I suggest breaking it down into smaller goals, I love having a smaller goal I am working on & then to even break it down into weekly goals so you know exactly what you need to be doing to reach your goal. 

I also believe hugely in dreaming big, setting your goals and then putting them aside and concentrating on being the person that you need to be to achieve these goals. This makes you focus on the daily activities that you need to do and be to achieve these goals. These could be in any area of your life so you could be focusing on anything from healthy living, working on small amount on your business each day. Break it down into smaller goals allows you to be less overwhelmed, have a clearer idea and feel motivated and excited again!

13. Yoga & meditation

These words often overwhelm people straight away, they think no way that’s not for me! But I want you to think of meditation as having a quiet time to let your mind have a break so even if you don’t do a full meditation, try and allow yourself to have a few minutes sitting in silence, eyes closed by yourself and just BEING. Concentrate on your breath, concentrate on what you can feel & and just let yourself be. 

The same goes for yoga you don’t need to be an expert, there are a tonne of free yoga sessions on YouTube that you can do at home so you can take yourself for a short yoga session that again will relax you and allow you to have more clarity. The same goes for local classes, if you have the means to go to a local class there is usually so many locally you will find one that is for you. 

Yoga and meditation are a fantastic way to connect to yourself again, often when we’re feeling stuck and like we’re not able to move forward, we need to connect to ourself deeper so we can gain more clarity, heart and focus from US, instead of what’s going on around us. 

Yoga and meditation are fantastic ways to be able to connect more with yourself. 

Sometimes people find that meditating for them is doing different activities, anything from cooking, gardening or running. Do try sitting with yourself for a few minutes, but if that is too challenging right now, choosing an activity will bring you fully into the present moment & it will help give you clarity and Peace.

14. Vision board

I am a huge lover of having a vision for your life & having a vision for what you were wanting to achieve, whether that be a house renovation, a business or for your life in general!

Vision Boards are an awesome way to get started, they really allow you to dream massively without any limits and bring all your ideas together visually onto into one space. 

You can make digital vision boards, you can cut out photos from magazines and stick them to a board or even around your home and places like your fridge or your door – anywhere you are going to see them often. 

It is a great way of gathering your ideas together & also gives you a sense of direction and a sense of passion for where you are wanting to go. I actually have a blog post that I talk a lot more about vision boards & gives you some more ideas about getting started.  I’ll pop the link below.

15. Spend time in nature clearing head

Spending time in nature is an incredible way of clearing your head. If you are lucky to have nature around you make sure you are out in it daily whether it be 5 minutes or 30 minutes it will make a huge difference to the way you feel. 

Nature has a way of clearing the clearing our minds, has a way of grounding us and giving us clarity and focus. Nature brings us into the present moment which is the only moment that we can control and gives us that peace. A lot of people say to me that I don’t have time to get out in nature and I hear you, but believe me you do. 

Try parking slightly further away from work so you get to walk to work, or perhaps you choose to go to school pick up early and go past the beach for a few minutes. You could choose to walk your dog daily, if you don’t have a dog borrow someone else’s and get walking, you will thank yourself for it! 

You will notice that some types of nature you love more than others, maybe you are a real beach person or maybe you love exploring trees and forests. Some people like going up on top of tall Mountains where is other people like walking in amongst the bush. So find what you love and be intentional to bring that into your life.

Questions to ask yourself…

 I thought I would give you a few questions to ask yourself or journal on if you are feeling stuck. Remember that this can be in any area of your life from relationships, workplace, your business your home, your family, or even your whole life as a whole.

 What space would I like to be in right now?

 What space am I currently in right now?

 What story am I telling myself about this right now?

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