Do you want to be…Uncomfortable or Uncomfortable?

Uncomfortable or Uncomfortable? 🤷‍♀️⁠
It’s up to YOU!⁠

Comfort is a strange thing. ⁠
It can feel comfortable to do the same thing every day, think the same thoughts, have the same problems, the same goals, do the same work etc.⁠

But the more we go through life, we grow & become aware of ourselves & what we want, we realise how much more we are made for don’t we!
And then it all starts to feel UNcomfortable!⁠

We then know it’s time to step out of our comfort zone, but we feel a lot of fear! I know this feeling SO well.⁠
When I started this business I knew all that I wanted to achieve, the value I wanted to be able to share with people. But I knew to do it I was going to have to step WELL out of my comfort zone, and it scared the crap out of me!!⁠
(It still does every step, of course it does, I haven’t done it before!)⁠

What I realised is. ⁠
I was uncomfortable where I WAS.⁠
AND I was going to be uncomfortable stepping out of my comfort zone.⁠

EITHER WAY I was going to be uncomfortable. So why not be taking steps towards my goals rather than standing still for ever – pretending to myself I was comfortable!⁠

This is your sign to ask yourself. What do I feel slightly fidgety about right now? What area do I KNOW I need to step up in, even if it’s uncomfortable?⁠

Because you can be uncomfortable now, or uncomfortable stepping out of that zone. ⁠
It’s your CHOICE!🙌😎

Here is a couple of questions to ask yourself if you are feeling fidgety right now!

  1. I am feeling uncomfortable right now because…
  2. Am I happy staying in this uncomfortable place?
  3. What do I need to change?

And if you are uncomfortable because you are making changes…..

  1. I am uncomfortable because I am making changes to…….
  2. This makes me uncomfortable because….

And an affirmation to remind yourself.

When I no longer feel uncomfortable stepping up & doing this, I will be so proud of how far I have come.

I hope this helps you! Remember it is YOUR choice. Uncomfortable or Uncomfortable?

Thank you for reading!

Gem XO

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