3 Tips to getting out of a negative spiral

I was going around & around! 🙈⁠

It was around 9 years ago & I found myself in such an overwhelmed low place!⁠

Saying negative words.⁠
Thinking negative thoughts.⁠
Comparing myself to others.⁠
Comparing my life to others!⁠
Overthinking everything.⁠

And…overthinking everything again 🤭⁠

I was in one huge negative mindset spiral!⁠

Babe if you find yourself in a negative spiral just like this PLEASE know you are not alone, I have felt like this myself! And YOU can get out of it too!!!⁠

I cover so much more of this in my 1-2-1 coaching but here are a couple of simple things you can do daily to start the process!!

1. Write down 3 little things or moments from your day that you are grateful for. (I know you have heard this a lot, but this is actually training your brain to search for these things – so powerful!)⁠
2. Take note of & write down some of the negative things you find yourself saying or thinking about something. Then write a positive affirmation or thought you are going to replace it with.⁠
3. Take a few minutes a day to sit in silence & bring your thoughts to what you can hear, feel & to your breathe. This helps you to ‘close a few of those extra tabs you have open in your mind & brings you back to the present.⁠

These are just a start but I hope they were helpful for you!

Let me know in the comments 💗

Thank you for reading

Gem XO

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