Thing’s have been a little different around here!

Well, let’s face it, things have been more than a little strange around here lately.  At least they have been here in NZ!  What I had planned to share with you got put on the back burner as I turned to supporting myself & my family!  Exactly where I needed to be. 

Expectations are high even when you are trying to keep them low right?
Time goes fast even when there seems to be SO many hours in a lockdown day!
You think you are feeling great & then boom you are not.

It’s a weird time.  And we need to remember to let ourselves feel the weirdness, live into the weirdness, share the weirdness & be okay with us ALL finding things a lot.

I have been feeling really flat this week, which I know from talking to people I am NOT alone!
I am working really hard to allow myself to ‘be’.  While encouraging myself to move my body once a day, try & drink more water, shower (haha!) even though I’m not going anywhere & laugh as much as I can at the silly things.

So here are my tips if you too are feeling flat!…..

1. Laugh.  Be silly & let yourself be childish.  Whether that’s watching a childhood movie or a comedian, or playing a funny game with your kids.  Laughter really does lift your mood.

2. Move your body.  It’s been the very last thing I have felt like doing this week actually, but just a 30 minutes walk a day has really helped me more than id ever like to admit.  Dancing around to your fav music is always a great mood lifter too.

3.Drink the water, anything hydrating actually.  We fee SO much more tired when we are dehydrated, plus we tend to reach for more comfort food as we mistake it for being hungry!

4. Choose a small area of space & spend time pottering & clearing it.  Even if it’s the smallest area it’s seriously uplifting!  It gives you a sense of accomplishment & it’s something that you can control during this time.

5. Find some way of expressing yourself creatively.  This looks so different for all of us, but perhaps it’s baking or cooking, or sewing or gardening, or exercise, or dance!  It really has a huge amount of creating something from nothing & spending time in the present moment where we feel so at peace & are not worrying about anything but what we are doing!

I really hope some of these have helped you.  I feel as thought I could go on & on with things that I have found helpful this week!  
I know some of you will be feeling flat too & some of you will be feeling really great – I send all of you so much love!

And don’t forget to reach our to your friends, it’s easy to be in your bubble at this time & forget to see how everyone is doing.  A short & sweet message checking in means the world & will make some ones day!

Again hope you are all doing so well & happy! I am feeling a lot better this weekend & have some great content to share with you all.  

Sending you love & light!

Gem XO

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