Exploring in Lockdown – social distancing of course!

Well DAY 4 of this lockdown and we are feeling so blessed to live so close to the beach at this time! (around 5 mins walk through some trees & sand dunes) It really makes such a difference to be able to get out in the fresh air, let alone get our feet in the sand & have the sound of the waves wash over us!

Don’t get me wrong, I most definitely had to pull the teenagers out of the house, beach walks were not on their agenda! BUT they absolutely love it when we are there. Throwing a ball around with dad & throwing a stick to Charlie, they actually love the beach even if they moan about sand getting everywhere!

Charlie Brown our border collie LOVED it today, it has been awhile since he had a huge run around off the lead so he is completely exhausted now! I don’t think he stopped chasing the stick for a good hour!

It’s amazing how much a trip to the beach does to lift you. (or any time in nature actually!) To be honest we are happy in our lockdown bubble, so I know we are very blessed with that, not everyone is so lucky! But even still, staying cooped up in the house you can start to feel on top of one another can’t you!

I’d love to hear your fav activities to do when you were/are in lockdown!

Our others favs include baking, puzzles, gaming, board games, watching movies, a bit of home reno, anything goes! I have even snuck in quite a bit of work this time which has been great!

We are all in different stages with Covid 19 around the world aren’t we, I hope what ever stage you are in, you are safe & happy!

Thank you for reading!

Gem XO

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