Here we go lockdown 2.0 in NZ!

Hey beautiful people!

Well we are in our second lockdown in NZ (after having no community cases for over a year! It came very suddenly, I hope you are doing okay ❤

We can all feel this so differently, so these are some things that I find can help make it an easier time.

  • Lower your expectations, on all areas. Seriously, people will eat crappier food, the house will be messier, you will get less work done & bed times will be different. Decide that’s okay. Fresh air. Obvious I know. But even if it’s a walk around the garden with a screaming baby, or chasing a kid around the block on their bike, take it. Rain, hail or shine, nature really is the best medicine so the fresh air will seriously change the vibe.

  • Water! Whether it’s kids, dogs or yourself, water makes you feel different! If every ones going nuts, chuck them in a bath, put the sprinkler on or set up water play in the sink! Again, nature heals, it brings us back into the present instead of feeling ALL over the place.

  • Breathe. Anything from a full meditation from YouTube, to a few deeper breaths will do wonders. When we are feeling tired, anxious, stressed, annoyed, angry, busy minded (and so many more) if you become aware of your breath you will notice it is quite short & tight. Try breathing in through your nose & out through your mouth slowly three times. It does WONDERS. You can do this often, and yes you can do this with children jumping on you, while sitting on the loo, or even do it WITH your kids!

  • Journal. This may be tricky for some right now who have extra beings in the house, and what seems like stuck to them at any time! But stick with me. If you can settles your child to colour beside you, or kick a ball around outside, grab a journal & pen & start a massive brain dump. Basically it works like closing the extra tabs open in your mind, so beneficial! If you CAN this is a wonderful thing to do before bed to clear your head, or at the start of the day to gather your thoughts & welcome a positive mindset for the day ahead!

  • Create a space. This goes for all of us, but I find particularly for kids, they need a space to go. That can e a little tent or fort made up in a corner, a wee cushion pile in the hallway, or for us adults making sure we take some time for ourselves to slow down & breathe, even if it is at midnight with a cup of tea & a book.

I know these sound easy, but to others these seem impossible tasks at the moment. It’s totally okay to feel like that.

Just try one & have fun with it! ❤

All my love


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