Tips for staying clear of drama

SO much DRAMA.⁠

I know when I really start over thinking & dramatizing things that I have been consuming content that is not serving me well.⁠ I am sure a lot of you can relate!

We often soak up a whole lot of drama from social media, reality T.V. or by spending time with challenging people.⁠ We do it without thinking most of the time, but the more you become aware, it’s easy to see how it can effect us.
Sometimes we need to have a little review of what we are consuming.⁠

👉There’s a difference between being entertained & our minds being totally overtaken by drama.⁠ Reality T.V. is definitely entertaining, but a lot of the time (All?) they edit it to be as dramatic & entertaining as possible to keep you coming back for more.

This often means that we are consuming it pretty regularly, which also means it becomes our ‘normal’ & we can often start to act like that in real life. No thank you!

👉There’s a difference between inspiration & feeling like you need to be doing exactly the same things. Be inspired, then be you.⁠

It is an incredible thing that we can have mentors right around the world today, we are no longer limited to the physical people we know to inspire us & show us what can be done! However, there is a fine line between being inspired by a person that has achieved, or has an attribute you would love to develop, and being overwhelmed by everything they are and everything you are not. Do not compare somebodies middle or end to your beginning!!!

👉There’s a difference between spending time with people that question & positively debate & celebrate differences, and spending too much time with negative dramatic personalities.⁠

It is so healthy to have those relationships that pull you up when you are not aligning with your values, point out to you when you are not being true to your beliefs, and has healthy discussions around different beliefs & ways of thinking. BUT it is something quite different if you have relationships that constantly point out the negative, project their fears towards your experiences & opportunities & turn everything into a drama power play.

We ALWAYS have a choice of what we are letting into our mind space. And it really is important that we keep tabs on it, especially if we are feeling vulnerable in a particular area ourselves.⁠

So if you have been feeing that way, don’t be afraid to assess what you might need a break from in your life.

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