Couple Getaway to Te Anau!

Every year we plan a weekend away, just the two of us. We love & look forward to it every year! Last year with covid, we didn’t get to go away just as a couple, so this year seemed like even more of a treat! PLUS we will have been together for 20 years this year & married for 7, so we were super excited to celebrate, it has gone SO fast!

We find it’s so important to take some time away for us to just relax and be ‘us’, without any added responsibilities of work and parenting – it makes such a huge difference to our relationship & we come back feeling refreshed & clear headed. This time we wanted to go somewhere we hadn’t really explored well, but also that wasn’t too far to travel, so we chose Te Anau! In fact we hadn’t been there since we were kids so it was the perfect picturesque place to visit & explore while still being able to relax & reset.

The road trip part of our weekend away is always so much fun. Travelling in a car with no one asking how long are we going to be, can they have another lolly, asking what I am eating etc is BLISS! Also driving around New Zealand is just so beautiful, it’s so scenic & relaxing (at least it is for me, Andrew loves to drive & I’m very happy to be passenger!)

We looked at SO many different places to stay, it was quite confusing! Plus, once you start looking social media throws even more options at you doesn’t it! We are never worried about how flash it is, but love a place that’s a little more private & has a bit of character. Some of the modern stark looking motels were quite expensive & you are surrounded by other people, which I quite like to get away from a bit!

We came across the most gorgeous log cabin called Sully’s Creek! I mean, I squealed it was so cute & magical looking! It has so much character with it being made of logs, surrounded by farmland & so handy being still a very short distance from the town center of Te Anau! Also it was actually cheaper than all those motels! Win win!!

Seriously, I can’t say enough about how cute this place was. From the mezzanine bedroom upstairs (Also another double room downstairs!) to the beautiful gas fire giving us heat & ambiance without any work to do! We were greeted by some wild bunny’s running up the driveway & some freshly cooked muffins in a little basket on the table inside. I felt like we could be in a Peter Rabbit movie, I was in love!

Here are some more pictures of the inside – I mean, seriously cute. Excuse our stuff dumped everywhere I was too busy exploring!

After settling in a little (& devouring the muffins!) we headed into the town center to explore a little. The forecast for the weekend wasn’t supposed to be great so we got in a walk along the lake in between showers. It is so peaceful down by the lake, we felt like almost the only ones there! We walked along the side of the lake, it was super windy but so nice to be out in the fresh air!

There are so many lovely cafe’s and restaurants in Te Anau and we booked into ‘The Fat Duck’ for Dinner that night! It was such beautiful food that we actually headed back there at breakfast time! Are we the only one’s that do that? We can’t help ourselves, we find a place we love & keep going back there!

The rest of our weekend? Consisted of staying cozy and dry by the fire, making up a huge platter of food & drinking a few gins while we chatted & laughed, so lovely to just chill out with no where to be! We did explore again before we left town, walking around to the Te Anau Bird Sanctuary which was so cool! The birds were beautiful & being lakeside we had another stroll around there too!

Weekends away always feel like they go so fast don’t they! But it was such a lovely time away together & always nice to get home to our boys feeling refreshed & ready to go!

There are so many more things to do & places to explore around Te Anau that we will definitely be back again, hopefully with nicer weather, possibly with the boys & definitely to this beautiful little log cabin!

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