How to build trust in yourself, after you have broken it!

Have you ever broken a promise to yourself? I know I sure have, many times. And I bet you have too.

The trouble with us doing this is that we find it hard to believe & trust ourselves after that! The feeling of wanting to commit to something, feeling excited about it, then your mind remembers how you let yourself down last time & tells you all sorts of things!

“Yeah right, you’ll never go ahead with it.”

“Last time you gave up so easily”

“You never stick to things”

Does this sound familiar? I remember this so well for myself. Time & time again I would get excited about committing myself to something, exercise, eating well, learning or practicing something. And EVERY time I would come up with an excuse of why I couldn’t or why I didn’t stick to it.

IMAGINE if we did this with a friend, perhaps failing to show up for coffee with them time & time again? They would have such trust issues with us & I doubt they would want to hold onto the friendship!

Babe, it’s the same for you. And if you have done this with yourself in the past, as I have, then you have some work to do to build that trust with yourself again.

A super simple way to start doing this is to choose one simple thing you are going to do for yourself consistently for 30 days. You can do ANYTHING for 30 days! (But remember, your mind is going to remind you that you didn’t show up for yourself last time, so why would you this time!)

If you show up for yourself in this simple task every single day for 30 days, you will show yourself that you CAN. Simple as that.

What happens then? You choose something else simple & do it consistently for 30 days.

And next time your mind doubts you you can remind it of the time that you showed up, consistently for yourself. Slowly gaining that trust back that you lost all those times breaking it!

The thing is, we are usually SO good at showing up for other people & keeping our promises to them. At least we definitely stick to promises we make to others far more than we do for ourselves – crazy!

When we commit to showing up for ourselves & sticking to our word, simply because we said we would? It shows integrity & trust.

So if you, just like me, have broken your own trust many many times, try this exercise & start building it back up! It is so so worth it.

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