How gratitude changes how your mind thinks

Gratitude has become a bit of a buzz word hasn’t it! But I really believe it is super important in so many ways. It’s a practice I have bought into my own life off and on over the last 5 years, but when I am consistently doing it, I notice such a huge difference in how I view everything & how I choose to look at the experiences & situations that happen.

You see the way our minds think, it is very natural for us to notice the negative, or worst parts of our days. This is because of our bodies natural ‘defense’ mode where it’s almost like a little warning system goes off to warn you of all the little things that went or could go wrong. The ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’ things are super easy for us to notice.

However, what’s amazing is, we can actually train our minds to seek out the positives & the moments that we love & want more of! Isn’t that the best?

By spending 10 minutes a day to sit down quietly & look for 5 things we feel grateful for, is such an easy way of doing this. And I like to concentrate on little things, such as meeting up with a friend that makes you feel wonderful, or doing some baking, or the sun warming you while you have your morning coffee, or the way your kids are laughing! As opposed to large things such as being thankful for your husband, your house or your car.

So what is this exercise so powerful? Taking a few minutes to not only write down what you are grateful for, but really FEEL how it felt in that moment. That moment when you heard that laugh, or felt warmed from the sun, or felt happy with that person, or felt proud in that moment. When you feel it in your body you are reliving how great it feels & FEELING gratitude for it!

Bringing this into a daily practice, allows you to train your mind to look for the little things that are making you happy within your days. So your mind actually starts looking for & noticing the positive happening around you, and within situations, rather than going straight for the negative!

It means that in the good days, but even in the worst days, that you will sit calmer within yourself, seeing that even when the worst happens, there is a positive somewhere within in. Even when the worst happens, you do make it through.

Writing 5 things you are grateful for also acts as a law of attraction magnet, attracting more of what you love into your life! If you notice that you love doing something, or love being around someone, you are going to be much more intentional about doing that again! AND the universe is going to attract more of that into your life because you are aligned to what makes you truly happy!

If you have tried a gratitude journal before let me know below – I would love to hear how you find it!

And if you haven’t tried one before, I would love to hear your takeaways from giving it a try!

I am grateful for you all, thank you for reading! – Gem

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