5 Tips for ending your day well!

A huge focus for me at the moment is to get back into my evenings & bedtime routines! It really makes SUCH a difference in how I feel going off to sleep but also how I wake up & start the day!

It’s easy to get out of a healthy routine before bed, when life is changing all the time, but if you have a plan in place & focus on the key things that will make it smooth sailing you can totally do it!

These are the 5 main things I am concentrating on when it coming to my healthy evenings & bedtimes – do them with me!

1. Mind dump

Mind dump! Empty your mind of ALL the things! Not only does this make it easier to get to sleep, but you can start the day with a fresh mind too! A great way to do this is to have a diary & a journal. In the notebook jot down all the things you don’t want to forget for tomorrow, not to stress you out, but instead to get things out of your brain so you no longer have to remember them off the top of your head! In the the journal start writing – a huge brain dump! I do quite like doing this at night so you can release anything that may have come up during the day, from negative happenings, conversations, frustrations, busy thoughts, worries etc. But ALSO to be able to finish up writing about the good things such as things you achieved, things that you are proud of! You get the picture – and can you just imagine how much calmer & clearer your head would be if you did this every night before bed?

2. Turn of technology earlier

Intentionally turn off your technology earlier. Maybe it’s an hour earlier, maybe it’s a couple! It is so important that we start slowing our minds down a little at this time of night, and if we still watching episode after episode of a scary or high drama Netflix series, our mind & body will still be racing when we head to bed!

3. Hydrate

Make sure you are hydrated! And no, I don’t mean with wine ladies, even if some days that is very appealing, especially if the kids are driving you up the wall! I’m talking about good old water, herbal tea, even sleep teas are great! Our bodies get so dehydrated over night that it is key that we make sure we do have some hydrating liquid to look after our bodies.

4. Leave spaces tidy

Leave your spaces tidy. This is such an amazing tool both for setting yourself up for success & starting your day off strong! This here, is one of my current struggles myself, but I know that when I do leave my spaces clear & tidy (especially working from home!) it makes such a difference to the outcome of my day! Focus on tidying up little bits as you go during the day, it certainly helps make a difference at the end of the day!

5. Gratitude & affirmations

Gratitude & affirmations! These are key to bring your focus to & attract more positivity to your life. By bringing things that you are grateful for into focus, such as connecting with a friend that really makes you happy, having that special time with your child, spending that time in nature, loving that part of your job, it shows you what you want more of in your life! And by adding positive affirmations in where you need encouragement works really well to send your mind positive thoughts rather than negative worries & anxious thoughts!

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