Speed doesn’t matter – forward is forward!

So often we feel like things are not happening fast enough. Like if we can’t take huge leaps forward then why bother at all. But truly? Big things come about by putting many tiny steps together!

Reaching mid-year, 6 months past & 6 months to go, it is common to feel like you haven’t achieved anything in the year so far & start to feel panicked! This is something I have spoken to many people about recently. We start to feel the pressure of half the year being gone & feel like we have wasted it or spent it treading water.

I myself have felt a little like that this year! I started off the year (or shall I say in February when the kids started back at school here in New Zealand!) with a hiss & a roar, I had clear goals & felt excited to start them and determined not to let fear get in the way. And I did, I really started strong & still feel excited about the same goals, with some new ones becoming clearer as I move through. But am I in the place I thought I would be in?

No. I’m in a different place. I have a few extra things happening in my life, extra jobs & commitments. These are keeping me busy but also giving me a break from my business’. I feel like I have had a chance to build on my ideas & goals more, I guess I feel a little more focused than I did at the start of the year. But what caught me off guard was that I wasn’t where I thought id be. I thought I would be further along, so clearly I had put a timer on it!

So how do we get past the feeling of not being where we want? Why do we always feel like things are taking too long?

I believe we need to look at things a little differently. We need to look at our goal like a walk up a mountain, every step getting us closer to our goal at the top. Sometimes we walk faster, sometimes we walk a little slower. Sometimes the road may take us up & down, but we never actually turn around & walk down the hill again where we have been, right?

You see, it’s impossible to actually move backwards. Even if we find ourselves back where we felt like we were previously, it’s with new knowledge, new awareness. As long as we have been taking steps forward, it doesn’t matter how long it takes us.

When I feel this way, one of the first things I do is reflect on how far I have come and everything I have achieved. It’s amazing to look back on, somethings it’s not tangible movements, but mindset or beliefs that we have taken steps in! Mindset & beliefs can be some of the biggest movements we can make!

The next thing I like to do is brainstorm everything I could do to help me towards me goal, really do a mind dump here. Than I circle a few main ones & use them as mile stones. All the little things that you have written down will be steps towards those milestones, bringing you closer & closer to that goal of yours.

  1. Make a list of things you have achieved so far this year, physical, mindset, things you have overcome – everything!
  2. Brainstorm all the things that you could do to get you closer to your goal/s
  3. Circle a few big ones – these will be your milestones!
  4. All the other things you have in your brainstorm will be little (or big) steps you can take towards your milestones & your goals, getting you closer & closer every step.
  5. Choose ONE little thing to do. Start there. Then when you have done that? Choose another!

Bearing in mind here, that your goals can be anything from health, to business, to financial, anything you like! But the same stands.

Have a time frame in mind yes, but don’t focus on that.

Just take one step at a time. Just start.

2 thoughts on “Speed doesn’t matter – forward is forward!”

    1. I’m so glad you love it! Oh my gosh you are not alone! I find writing a list of how far I’ve come, my little milestones or actions, really helpful, reminds me I am moving forward xx


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