Roller coaster of a journey.

Wow, almost exactly two years ago I wrote this post. Since then I have left my blog & come back to it, but I really loved reading back on this, looking at how far I have come.

I think that’s so important for all of us to do, look back on what you have achieved & how far you have come, it’s just amazing.

I hope you enjoy reading back on my post as much as I did! xx …..

Sitting down to write each day, being new to this whole blog thing, it sometimes takes me awhile to know what I am going to write about. But today it was so clear.

I think it is so important to surround yourself with inspiration, positive people & media. BUT you must learn that some seasons we have to turn some of it off, if we start to feel over whelmed by everyone else’s perfectness on social media, without seeing the full roller coaster of their journey.

You see no matter how much I teach others what I have learnt and am learning, we must always know and understand that we will ALWAYS be in this journey of personal growth & discovery! There is no end destination, where one day we go yay now I’m done! I choose to stay exactly in the same place for the rest of my life. No! Even the biggest experts, the people we are inspired with the most, even Oprah, Tony Robbins & Rachel Hollis are still on their own journey! And so am I. There will ALWAYS be up days and down days, amazing days & pull your hair out days!

I still have those days where I wake up exhausted and realize some how I just didn’t get the settled sleep that I needed & have to DECIDE to boost myself up to have the best day. Otherwise what are my options? To decide to write off the day and go for it tomorrow? Should we really live like that?! NO!

And please don’t get me wrong, this does not mean that we can’t have days in our trackies filling ourselves up with exactly the love & attention that we need! But there is a huge difference in waking up & choosing to give yourself what you need for the day, and deciding to wipe the day off before it’s even begun.

Every single day I am learning more about myself. I could easily not be striving to, or letting it pass me by, but the more I learn about myself the happier, more confident, more driven & more loving towards myself I am. Becoming aware of how I am is one of the biggest and most powerful things I have ever learnt, and it is a constant battle to keep reminding myself to pull back and be aware of myself, but I practice it as often as I can so it’s becoming easier and part of who I am.

The other things that I do are read every single day (something inspiring), Write down things that I am grateful for (so my mind is being trained to search for the positive in my life), write down my big goals and visualize them as a reality & write down what my current main goal is so I can focus on that. I make sure I do something productive towards that goal every single day.

So if you feel like you are going through a roller coaster know you are not alone! When you want to be a better version of yourself each day there are bound to be days when you fall short, and that’s NOT failing, that’s LEARNING. Keep going!

Gem XO

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