75 activities for kids to do around home!

  1. Create something out of LEGO
  2. Make things with boxes
  3. Put on a show for the adults
  4. Put on a puppet show
  5. Origami – So many instructions on the internet!
  6. Movie day with fun movie snacks
  7. Family workout – I recommend ‘The Body Coach’ on YouTube – Joe is doing week day P.E sessions!
  8. Plant some seeds
  9. Paint a picture
  10. Make play dough
  11. Do some puzzles
  12. Change around your bedroom
  13. Play board games
  14. Make your own board game
  15. Help to cook your favorite dinner
  16. Go for a bike ride around your area
  17. Make jumps for your scooter/skateboard
  18. Make an obstacle course inside or outside
  19. Make an activity track using chalk on the pavement or driveway
  20. Make a hut or fort – inside or outside
  21. Put your tent up to camp out for the night
  22. Keep a journal of your time in isolation
  23. Write a story & illustrate it
  24. Video call friends and family
  25. Make a gratitude jar where you all write something you are grateful for & pop it in every day
  26. Find an email ‘Pen pal’ to write & send photos to
  27. Floor is lava – make an obstacle course around the house where you are not allowed to touch the floor
  28. Have a day time bath & play with the water
  29. Water play outside on a nice day
  30. Teddy bear walk – count how many teddies you see in peoples windows/cars
  31. Make your own video’s an edit them
  32. Practice TikTok dances or learn other dances – You Tube is great!
  33. Practice/learn an instrument
  34. Paint designs on rocks
  35. Make paper mache piggy banks from milk bottles
  36. Make you own head bands game with post-its
  37. Make a ‘Day in the life’ video and edit it together
  38. Make some slime
  39. Make a volcano, in a recycled bottle or make your own paper mache volcano!
  40. Drawings & games with some chalk – hop scotch anyone?
  41. Make some Easter decorations
  42. Decorate some biscuits
  43. Do a paint/colour by numbers – there are a heap of free print outs online
  44. Have a dance party!
  45. Have a dress up day
  46. Write everyone in the house a letter & post them in your letter box
  47. Make marble paper using food colouring and water – look this up online!
  48. Make a video/power point about something you love
  49. Play beauticians, do your nails & hair – and your families!
  50. Make a quiz for your family
  51. Camp out for a sleepover in the lounge
  52. Mix up your meals! Dessert for breakfast?!
  53. Teach your dog some new tricks!
  54. Play with some bubbles
  55. Play the elastics game!
  56. Have a themed dinner party
  57. Make a sand garden, or a fairy garden!
  58. Make & decorate masks made out of card
  59. Do a simple sewing project, like making a scrunchy, pencil case, swimming bag or cushion (with an adults help!)
  60. Decorate a picture frame to give it a new look – could you add shells or dried leave etc to it?
  61. Hollow out real egg shells (by blowing them – google it!) then paint the shells!
  62. Make stress balls with rice & balloons
  63. Make tissue paper pompoms to decorate your room
  64. Learn to knit – get someone to teach you
  65. Make a video to send a grandparent that you can’t visit!
  66. Set up a treasure hunt – or get the adults to do it for an adventure for you!
  67. Forage in the garden to find things to decorate the dining table, or a vase
  68. Make a shoe box aquarium! (google it!)
  69. Wait until it’s dark & play spotlight
  70. Play 1 2 3 home!
  71. Make salt dough and shape things to cook in your oven such as beads, earrings, key rings. You can then paint to decorate them!
  72. Make cards for peoples birthdays coming up, or other occasions. Even thank you cards for people that mean a lot to you. You can gift them after isolation!
  73. Make boats using recycling to have a race in the bath!
  74. Build something with an adults help using off cuts of wood
  75. Play charades with your family

I hope you are excited to try some of these ideas! I would love to see what you all do so send me photos!

Much love

Gem XO

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