“Comparison is the thief of all joy”

Lets stop the judgement & comparison. We were all made completely original & put on this world for our own reasons! The amount of wasted time spent pointing out people’s differences & successes, instead of celebrating them as something that makes them shine, is crazy.

If she is doing life differently than you would – that is OKAY!

She’s spent time setting up a perfect nursery? Great good on her!

She’s striving to reach for her dreams & working towards her goals & they are different to what YOU want?! Of course they are!

She is working towards the same goals as you? Great – be each others cheering squad & build each other up! Don’t tear her down!

She’s sharing her story & you don’t want to hear about it? Perhaps her message isn’t for you!

As Theodore Roosevelt said, “Comparison is the thief of joy”.

If something is confronting for us, or we feel ourselves placing judgement on others, we need to stop & look within to see why. Often we will find that this is an area we are feeling insecure about & can spend some time working on ourselves & growing to become confident about ourselves in that area.

If you feel yourself comparing your own self with peoples social media, or other people’s lives in a negative way, stop. Perhaps that’s not the media you should be consuming right now. And perhaps you are forgetting that you can’t see the huge mountain she has had to climb to get to where she is. Whenever we are going through a huge change in our lives, having a baby, starting a business or purchasing our first home to name a few – It is so easy to compare the journey you are on with what you are viewing in social media. Those perfect nurseries, those mothers that seem to be handling it all so well, are already back to their pre-baby bodies, have pristine homes and are succeeding in their business seemingly effortlessly! These are peoples highlight reels, and while sometimes you can follow their journeys to be inspired along your own, you need to be aware of how you are feeling, and stop consuming them the second you start second guessing yourself & your own journey. This is when I have a little social media cull, and unfollow those that are making me feel like ‘less, or overwhelmed’. When I do this, it is nothing about those people and everything about what I am feeling and the work I need to do to heal myself in that season of my life.

The same goes in ‘real’ life as it does social media! If there is a season where you are feeling completely overwhelmed and ‘less than’ when you are around certain people or situations, be aware that this is often where you are needing to personally grow in this area. This is of course if they are not intentionally making you feel less! Please, if this is the case, know there are people out there ready to cheer you on, mean people are not your people!

For me, a huge one was when we had our boys quite young, and seeing a lot of other parents have beautiful renovated homes, stunning kids rooms, the latest in furniture and what seemed to be a cleaning fairy that hid when I visited! It took me longer than ideal to remember that a lot of these parents were a little older than we were, they had had many more years of working and gathering their beautiful furniture and to renovate their homes. I was comparing my start to their middle & I wasn’t being fair on myself. When I realized this & took time to listen to their stories, I was actually surprised to find that they once had had no house work routine at all and their homes were sometimes a complete mess too, and that they saved for years to finally purchase a new couch and replace their stained carpet!

Fall in love with being you, exactly where you are on your OWN journey!

Thanks for reading!

Gem XO

1 thought on ““Comparison is the thief of all joy””

  1. Fall in love with being you such a inspiring thing to remember. You are absolutely right one should never compare with others because you never know their journey.
    Happy Blogging Gemma 🙂


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