This time last year! – Taking a new track to the beach

This time last year we were just heading into a 8 week lockdown here in New Zealand & I have been loving looking at some memories we made during that time! Many of you around the world have spent most of the last year in and out of lockdowns, but here in New Zealand we have been back to a new ‘normal’ for awhile.

We feel so blessed to have the freedom to explore, travel within our country & socialize, but feel equally overwhelmed for people around the world that are having to be restricted in many ways! Sending so much love to you all!

I thought it would be fun to share one of our adventures we went on this time last year, I hope you enjoy hearing about it.

Last week we set off on one of our local walks in our isolation bubble, just the four of us with our dog Charlie Brown. SO grateful to live close to the beach with a very busy border collie and the kids, a perfect place for them to run around and let go of some energy!

We set off on our usual way to the beach, but spotted a new track that had been made and, having more time on our hands thought we might as well check it out! No matter where it went we would have fun anyways1, but we definitely thought it took us straight to the beach. Well, we walked and walked, it was a beautiful track too, but soon started to laugh as we weaved back and forth, towards to beach and away again, so funny. Charlie loved it, he led the way and kept running back to us in excitement.

I loved that we were doing something spontaneous, not something we usually had the time (or energy) to do, but something we definitely want to be more intentional about even after this isolation time finishes. The kids loved it too, I think they sensed how much more carefree and playful we were being. Plus is was a stunning hot day, the perfect day for a walk.

When we eventually found the beach – it took us around an hour, when it usually only takes around 10 minutes tops on our usual track! We came out at this kind of small dirt cliff that Charlie had led us down, it was hilarious, but so good to finally find the beach and walk back along it in the sand.

We are pretty lucky that the beach is always so quiet, so apart from seeing a couple of people and a couple of dogs on the way back along the beach, we had such a wonderful time and almost felt like we had the beach to ourselves. Looking forward to our next family adventure!

It’s definitely good to get out for daily walks especially during this time, there have been the odd days where we haven’t headed out at all though & I have to admit that some days with no pressure to go anywhere feels lovely too.

I would love to hear about your fav lockdown bubble adventures!

Much love

Gem XO

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