‘Being the best you’ – what does it mean?

The best you! I used to hear that and feel like heck I have a lot of work to do! Then start picking myself to pieces! But now I realize that the best ME, is completely different than I thought, and the best ME will change as I grow.

I am SO thankful I can now see that the BEST ME is the one who moves & exercises her body in celebration that it can, that sees beauty in my own strength & effort rather than always just in results. That sets herself BIG goals that I have to grow personally to reach. And that shows up every day for HERSELF, even when she doesn’t feel like it.

I can bet that many of you can relate to this so much. Sometimes the ‘best’ us seems like a long way from the person we are right this second. We need to change our thinking around that! So have you set goals for yourself? Whether they be personal, for your family or your business? And are you showing up for yourself? THAT is what it means by being your best self.

Ask yourself every morning, how can I show up for myself today. It may be being organised with great healthy food for yourself, it may be exercising your body, it may be setting aside non-negotiable time to read a book, or work on the project that will get you closer to a goal! What ever it may be, it’s in the little daily tasks that show you if you are being yourself best self, for yourself.

I even did an exercise with myself to write down how my best self would be, how she would treat herself, how she would look after herself and so on. This wasn’t to put pressure on myself to be this perfect person all the time! But it was a great reminder to teach myself to make time for what is important to me & make myself a priority.

Choose to get up, show up & never ever give up FOR YOURSELF! Only then can you overflow to those around you as your very best self.

Much love, thank you for reading!

Gem XO

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